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This is a multifandom/personal blog, although at the moment I think it's fair to say that it is mainly about Supernatural.

Kurtofsky is and always will be my OTP although Destiel is right up there now, pretty much taking over.

Shows on here include Teen Wolf, Arrow, The Walking Dead and Star Trek as well as other shows that I enjoy. I blog and reblog about random areas of interest. Other than that I use this space to pimp my fiction I write. And while I am generally rather quiet I always love to hear from new people, so feel free to chat to me or ask me anything.

And I will try to keep this blog as hate free as possible but should I feel the need to rant I will try my best to tag it appropriately.

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Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison on the set of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ in downtown Wilmington x

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Happy 40th Birthday Misha Collins! Thanks for being the generous, entertaining, enthusiastic, encouraging, life-ruining, beautiful human that you are!

If you want to celebrate Misha’s birthday, perform a Random Act of Kindness or donate to Random Acts here.

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Happy 40th Birthday, Misha. You are an inspiration to many, we love you dearly!

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This is one of those treacherous Destiel gifsets where I almost want to feel dreamy about it…and then I remember that it’s really fucking sad.

Oh wait, that’s basically all of them.

I’ve always had a fascination with hugging (I’m not really particular about who or what it is I’m embracing as long as there’s a “squish” factor).

3/50 reasons i’m an emotional wreck because of destiel

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Misha Collins’ Ice Bucket Challenge (x

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JARED and Jensen!!!

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